Sunday, March 04, 2007


Things I feel the need to share:

  1. I make really freaking good hamburgers. Who needs Lick's? (Well, okay, as I haven't yet learned to make onion rings, I cannot legitimately say that I'm better than Lick's. But I'm good).
  2. The weather this weekend rocked! I have not seen sky that blue in ages. My major beef with Halifax is the colour palette. Taupe, brown, grey, dead grass green. Much enjoyed the pop of colour. And the temperature was parfait. The singing birds were adorable, if a tad Snow White for me, and everyone was cheerful! If only spring could be here for good...
  3. Loblaws had some killer specials this week. My fave frozen veggies for stir fries, salmon, bagels, frozen yogurt. Weeks where most of the things that are on special are things that I actually want please me inordinately. Probably because a) I'm poor and b) I love to cook.
  4. I have the apartment to myself for the week (the hubby is in Toronto for interviews), so I can cook anything I want, take up the entire bed when I sleep, and not have to keep relocating piles of casebooks. On the other hand, it means that I actually have to do all of the dishes myself (I have an awesome fiance who agreed to the deal that if I cook, he does the dishes. I'm spoiled).
  5. It stays light out now until 6:00. In my world, this is very exciting.
  6. I want to live on Beaufort Ave. There are lots of streets in Halifax that I want to live on, but this is my current favourite. But, alas, a) I have no money and b) I'm moving back to Ontario in August, so I will have to make do with toodling around it on my nightly constitutional.


Purple Mangos said...

Onion rings are easy. Cut onion into rings. Coat in batter. Fry. They'll taste better than restaurant ones, too, because they'll be fresh, and you can have as much batter or as much onion as you like.

How are the interviews going?

Melissa said...

I will try them, just once I"m brave enough to face a vat of boiling oil! No word on the interviews yet (my phone has suddenly stopped being able to text message), but I'll post something when I talk with JPMC later on.