Friday, March 09, 2007

Busy week

It seems like everyone has had a crazy week this week, but it's over, and I don't have anything big to do until my major papers are due in about a month. Phew! I had another presentation for my Politics of Early Modern Women's Writing class this week (I did my first one three weeks ago), and it went really well. I very much enjoy doing seminar presentations; maybe I'm just comfortable with them because I'm used to being up in front of a classroom, but I think they're fun. Today's was on the first major anthology of women's writing, which is called The Monument of Matrones. It was compiled in 1582 by a man named Thomas Bentley, and it has some really interesting stuff in it by Queen Elizabeth, Katherine Parr, Marguerite de Navarre, and Dorcas Martin, the wife of the mayor of London, who I did my presentation on today. She was a feisty lady, let me tell ya; she secretly printed some subversive religious pamphlets and got reprimanded by the queen, hid religious radicals in her house, and had a son in law named Julius Caesar (no, I'm not joking.) I'm going to write more about her for my major paper for that class, which should be fun.

The hubby is back from Toronto, and all of his interviews went well. Knowing lawyers, it will be a long time before we hear anything definitive, but hopefully a job came out of it. And it's nice to have him home (especially because he came back with a new teapot from my mom, two bottles of wine, and all of my jewellery making supplies, which I had to leave in Ontario due to lack of room.) I very much enjoyed living on my own for the four days that he was in T.O. (thank goodness, because I'll be here by myself all summer when he goes back to ON for the bar course), but it's nice to have company again. And not to be cooking only for myself.

Eiji goes home a week from Monday, which seems like it came up really fast. I can understand how he feels, going home, because its a bit like I felt when leaving Japan. I guess its compounded for him since this is going to be his last opportunity to live and work in another country for an extended period of time, which I totally agree with him is the best way to see the world. He really loved Canada, which makes me feel good as a Canadian. And I'll certainly go see him when I get back to Japan one of these days, so it's nice to add to my collection of friends around the world.

On the Facebook front, some girls from my high school, HNM, are organizing a class of 2000/2001 reunion for sometime this summer, which will rock. Going to an all girls school is such a unique experience, and even though I don't get to see everyone that I went to school with frequently, we all still share a bond that's really special. I can't wait to see everyone. And talk about international friends! One friend is living in Germany, another in Korea, and another is off to India for the summer to build a community centre in the Himalayas. I want to work for a private school too!

This weekend is Law Ball at Weldon, but we're out, so instead, the hubby and I are making a Japanese feast for dinner. Eiji gave me two bags of Japanese groceries that he's not going to use, so we're having udon and tempura. Pray that I don't burn the apartment down in a grease fire! Hopefully it goes well so that I can tell Eiji his food didn't go go waste.

And finally, it's Friday. Sigh. How I love the weekend. Enjoy.