Thursday, March 29, 2007

I love birthdays!

So my birthday is in a couple of weeks (the big 25...heading for the near side of 30, which is scary), and the hubby has been debating what to get me. And finally I figured it SLR camera. I love taking photos, but I haven't had a proper camera in years. If I do say so myself, I've taken some pretty good pictures over the years, especially up north and in England, and I'm really interested in photography. I was planning on buying a camera anyway, because I really do want to get some good shots of Halifax before I go home. There is so much gorgeous architecture around here, and just the Public Gardens by its self is a huge enticement to get out there and take pictures. So, for only a little more money than a point and shoot, I got myself a good starter SLR off of Ebay. Yes, this is a present from the hubby, but I picked it out and stayed up until midnight to make sure that I won the auction. I'm so excited! And it was so cheap! So, here is a picture of my new baby:

I'm so pumped to get started taking pictures...I can't wait until it arrives! Of course, the danger of buying new equipment is the temptation to buy more equipment (film scanner, 300mm lens), but I'll resist the temptation until I've done all I can with the basic lens and features that I've got. I really want a film scanner, though...instead of having prints developed, you just scan the film, and then it's like you've taken digital prints! As I can't afford a digital SLR, this seems like a good compromise. But for now, I'll just get my film developed onto CD-Rom. I'm going to have to make a trip to the library and pick up some books!