Monday, March 12, 2007

Reasons I'm happy that it's Monday

I love Mondays. Yes, everyone is supposed to hate Mondays, hence the song "Manic Monday" etc., but I quite enjoy them. Nigella Lawson wants to start making TGIM badges for mothers who are delighted to get rid of their children after the weekend, but my reasons are a bit different. Hence, the "yea it's Monday" list:

  • Mondays are my day off, so I can do any old thing that I want. Today, any old thing involves reading for my thesis & a class, marking papers, and exercising, but hey, I get to decide what I do.
  • It's a GORGEOUS day. I went for a long walk around Point Pleasant Park, and it was fantastic. Being outside near the ocean is like drugs for me- I get all giddy- so I love that it's warm and sunny enough to go more regularly now.
  • My mom bought me a whole bunch more beads & findings for making jewellery, so I made myself a pair of earrings this morning to go with what I'm wearing. So fun.
  • I picked up about five new cookbooks from the library yesterday, so I get to spend some time finding yummy new recipes to try. I'm also very happy that it's getting to the time of year that produce perks up and more home-grown fruits & veggies are available. Yea for hitting the Farmer's Market on Saturdays!
  • I get to have my "me" time. I'm the kind of person who needs to spend a significant amount of time each day on her own or else I go a little batty, so I enjoy having the apartment to myself while the hubby is at class/work.
  • Sunshine! And that's that.