Monday, March 19, 2007

Things I'm loving today

Time for a bullet list! (I'm marking papers, no time for a big post.)

  • brought to me by Agata, awesome way to find new music.
  • My new chart- see the "Currently Listening" sidebar. Super cute (designed by moi), updates itself, and does a snazzy job of keeping track of what I'm listening to.
  • Carla Bruni- former Italian supermodel (dated Mick Jagger), now chanteuse. I've been enjoying her two CDs, No Promises and Quelqu'un M'a Dit for the past 24 hours, and I'm enamoured. Lovely lovely voice, great chill music, and I get to practice my French.
  • My new WMP skin- it's called "TinyMachineCA5P3RvsJuan1-0" and I love it. Cute, chic, compact, and it shows album covers, which I love.
  • Esthero- great Canadian singer (from Walkerville, ON), great sound. She & Bruni both remind me a bit of Feist, another favourite Canadian.
  • Facebook- Love the conversations that I've been having lately about motherhood, travel, work, career choices, growing up.
  • Immersion blender- I've got an awesome PC stainless steel hand blender. I normally use it to make pureed soups and smoothies, but it also came with a mini food-processor attachment that I've recently fallen in love with. Great for grinding spices, making breadcrumbs, and mincing garlic. Who wants to mince garlic by hand? Certainly not me.
  • Post-Its- I have an extensive collection of coloured Post-It notes which pleases me inordinately.