Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Things I'm missing today

Another bullet list (but I did finish marking the papers. They actually turned out quite well. Question, though. How do you get to first year university and not realize that academic papers require direct evidence from the text? I don't understand.)

  • All of my shows- It seems like all of the shows that I love are on hiatus right now. House, Heroes, Weeds, and CSI are all on hiatus for between a week and a few months. Only Ugly Betty is around to entertain me. Hence, my turn to re-watching all of The West Wing. Quite enjoyable.
  • My mom- she likes to send me things in the mail, and then I miss her. My mom is not a super phone conversationalist, and we hang out a ton when I'm home, so I miss being close to her. Hopefully she won't cop out on her planned trip out here in June and I'll get to see her in not too long.
  • My dad- we had a rockin' conversation about Western movies the other night. My dad is super smart and really fun to talk to. Can't wait to see him, whenever he gets his butt in gear and books his business trip out here!
  • Youthful certainty- I remember being in OAC and knowing exactly where I'd be living and what I'd be doing for the next four years. While my love for uncertainty and change is deep, and I'd never want to give up the excitement and adventure that it brings to my life, sometimes I wish things were as simple as they used to be. Right now, I'm working on educating myself about what exactly I'm going to have to do for my Ph.D. applications and deciding where I'm going to apply. I think I'm going for UofT, York, McMaster, and Dalhousie. I would ideally like to be in the GTA (especially considering that the hubby now has an absolutely fantastic job in downtown Toronto), but you never know. And that's my problem!
  • Three shirts- somehow, in between going back to Ontario for Thanksgiving and Christmas and coming back here, I have misplaced three shirts that I quite like and would like to wear. Two seem to have disappeared (the only evidence of them is me wearing them in a photo from Thanksgiving), and the third is currently in the possession of Michelle C, who wore it on New Year's. Oh well. Something to look forward to when I get back to Ontario.
  • Salon Fortelli- my sister works at a salon back home, and gets me awesome discounts on haircuts. I had my hair cut when I was back there for Thanksgiving, but that was obviously a long time ago, and I can't be bothered to find a haircut here that I can both afford and be happy with. So, my hair is driving me a bit crazy, but I'll live.