Monday, April 16, 2007

"Hi, my name is Melissa"

"Hi Melissa, welcome to Procrastinators Anonymous."

Yes, I should be finishing the grading of my 1020 papers (which I have to give back to my kids within the next hour and a half), but I decided that blogging is more important. Yep, procrastination is definitely my M.O. But it's all working out.

Finished my ENGL5265 paper (the one on the catechism) exactly at 4:00, which gave me a solid half hour to hand it in before the office closed. Better than last term, when I went overtime and had to email my papers in. I think I'm happy with my paper, though, and I definitely stressed a lot less about it than I did for my papers last term. I think I'm getting the hang of this!

Also attended a professionalization seminar today (is it just me, or is professionalization questionably a word? Mozilla's spell check doesn't seem to think that it is one, but then again, Mozilla also doesn't think that Mozilla is a word, so that doesn't tell you much. Let me check the OED...okay, definitely is a word. The OED says so, and as anyone who is in English knows, the OED is the Bible.) But back on topic, went to a seminar on how to apply to and speak at conferences, which was highly useful (although it would have been MORE useful before I applied to the Mount A conference, as I apparently did my proposal entirely wrong. Too late now!). But I'm feeling better about it, and now I just have to go shopping for something to wear on the 5th...and the 4th for that matter. And remember my mantra: count your pages, check your fly, sip your water. Yes, this is what I learn in grad school. You should try it!

Halifax is having apocalyptic type weather right now (hail, major wind, driving rain, about 1 degree), which I am not impressed with. Come on, it's spring! And it's supposed to be like this until Friday. What did we do to deserve this, I wonder? I don't know, but I'm not impressed. But at least I'm not trying to run the Boston Marathon at the moment.

Okay, enough rambling, back to grading. I'm almost done! Seventeen left to grade, one left to write, and I can relax for a couple of days. And off I go...