Sunday, April 15, 2007

Love Thy Font

The font as star; image from the documentary Helvetica (source).

As you have hopefully noticed, I've made some changes to the Miscellany. I decided to go with a three-column template so that all of the bits and bobs that live in my sidebar are closer to the top of the page. I've also fiddled with the colour scheme, and more prominently, changed the title header. After a lot of agonizing and complicated switching between programs to get the title onto the Blogger Dots background properly, I got it looking the way that I wanted. My thanks to Urban Fonts for my lovely new title font, "One Fell Swoop."

I love fonts; I love collecting them, exploring them, looking at them, and I'm always fascinated by what fonts book designers choose. Thanks to Urban Fonts, I can download hundreds of free fonts to make up for the sad lack of variety available to me through Windows. A girl gets tired of Times New Roman, you know? So I was excited today to read a rather interesting article about font designing and publication in the Toronto Star. Definitely something that I'd like to learn more about.

So let me know what you think of the new title. Yes, I know that for those of you who don't have big wide screens like I do that the end of the word Miscellany gets cut off, but I'll work on that later. Until then, thanks for you patience as I fiddle with the layout etc., and best of luck on whatever it is you're up to right now.