Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Heart "The West Wing"

(TOP- Dave & Emma, my host parents' daughter, BOTTOM- Dave's entire apartment)

I love The West Wing. Yes, I hate American politics, and I think that George W. Bush is one of the worst things to happen to North America in a while, but you know that Capra-esque nostalgia? That feeling you get when you're watching a really sweet but unrealistic movie about how wonderful the American government could be, if only there was a good person in charge? (I'm thinking Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and The American President here). That's the feeling that I get when I watch The West Wing. I know that Martin Sheen isn't really the President, and if Jed Bartlett really was the President, he probably wouldn't end up doing such a hot job, but it makes you hopeful, you know?

Watching The West Wing brings back crazy memories for me too. I used to spend a lot of my free time a few summers ago (not that I had much) at my friend Dave's tiny, two room apartment in Fukushima, Japan, the two of us sitting on his captain's bed, watching episodes of The West Wing projected onto the wall of his livingroom/bedroom because he didn't have enough room for a TV. Those were the days. The West Wing was my little taste of North America in the middle of a very traditional and old-fashioned Japanese town.

My problem right now (I often have this problem with watching old shows on DVD), is that I just watched this super amazing cliff-hanger episode, and I have no one but the hubby to share my excitement with. He doesn't really count right now, because he's tired and grouchy and impatiently waiting for next Friday when he's finished law school. I can't blame him.

This week has been a crazy one, and next week will be too, but looking forward to my nightly dose of Josh, Toby, Sam, C.J., Jed, Leo, Donna, Abby, Charlie and Zoe is a pretty good pick me up. Like a good cup of tea, The West Wing is there to chill me out when I need it and make me feel good- what more can you ask from TV?


Purple Mangos said...

I guess now would be a bad time for me to rub it in to JPMC that I'm done law school NOW? *grin*

Melissa said...

He (begrudgingly, with lots of sighs and moans) says congratulations and that he's proud of you. But he refuses to be excited about it until next week. *lol* But on my part, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You must be so relieved. When are you going home?

Purple Mangos said...

Not for another few weeks. I have to finish work. One concert and two recording sessions before I can move.

Oh, and to JPMC:
You don't have to be excited for me. I can celebrate myself because, unlike some people, I have nothing else to do! haha