Monday, May 14, 2007

And time keeps on slipping, slipping away

It's May 14th. May 14th. My birthday was a month and a week ago. The hubby's family arrives in town a week from Thursday and the hubby flies back to Toronto for goodness knows how long a week from Sunday. It's all going too fast!

Where did the year go? I moved to Halifax on August 28th; the first thing I did was walk into our apartment, which still had all of the last guy's furniture in it, lie down on the floor, and go to sleep. The hubby and I had spent all morning bickering with each other because after two and a half years of only seeing each other once every couple of months, we weren't exactly meshing well, you know? And now, we've been living together for seven months, and every day I look forward to marrying him more. Where did the time go?

I haven't seen my parents since the Christmas break, and when I flew back to Halifax right after New Year's, it seemed like forever until they were going to come visit. They'll be here in just over three weeks. When we left, our nephew Aaron hadn't even been born yet. He's now eight months old, crawling and nearly talking. When I left, my parents had just moved into their new house. It's been a year now. When we got here, the hubby didn't have an articling job; he still had a year of law school left; now, he graduates in 12 days and starts a fantastic new job in a couple of months. Where did the time go?

Someone once said to me that as adults, time seems to go faster every year because each year is a smaller percentage of your life than the year before. When you're ten, a year is 10% of your life, but when you're 25, it's only 0.04%. Makes sense to me. This year has sped by at a ridiculous rate, and I know that it's not over yet, but it will be soon. I just finished the 29th page of my thesis. I'm nearly 1/3 done. When I got here, I didn't even know what I wanted to write about! And now I'm 30% done.

I just wish that things would slow down a little. They very well might. But I just wish that I had a little more time: more time to enjoy living with the hubby, as we won't be doing that for at least the next year; more time to enjoy living in Halifax; more time to spend with the friends that I've made here. I'm just going to have to make an effort to appreciate my time here as much as possible, and maybe try to write a little slower. They can't make me leave if I'm not done yet!