Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back on Sunday?

Sorry I've been neglecting the blog. My parents arrived on Sunday morning, and I've been too busy having fun with them (compounded by the lack of Internet at my place) to be blogging. I'll write all about their trip once they've gone home, but right now I'm just enjoying their company. We had a sleepover last night in their hotel room; they got upgraded to a gorgeous suite with a pullout couch, so I stayed over. They're just coming back from Peggy's Cove, and I'm waiting for the Internet repair person to show up (I'm currently scamming someone else's wireless signal), and then I'm cooking them dinner. So nice to have company!
Mom & Dad are going home on Saturday night, so I will attempt to get back into the blogging grove with my Fry and Laurie post on Sunday. Then it's back to the thesis, back to blogging, and back to counting the days until I get to go home. Have a great week!