Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dum dum dee dum, dum dum dah dum

I realize that you can't hear what I'm humming in my head as the words above don't have a tune, but rest assured, it is music that will never EVER be played at any wedding of mine. And speaking of weddings of mine (aren't I clever with the segues?), mine now has a date. And a church. And two ministers. Wow, I'm doing pretty good considering that it's over a year from now. But yes, we have set a date: August 30, 2008, which is the Saturday of Labour Day weekend. I'm thrilled that we've finally figured out when it's going to be; we got engaged on November 12, 2005 - well, I guess it was technically the 13th, as it was about 2:00 in the morning - but either way, it's been a bit of time coming. However, I'm glad that it's not happening for awhile. I'd much rather plan a little bit at a time than all in a big rush.

Some people advise not to get married on a long weekend (ruining the plans of cottage goers and so on), but we're not taking a honeymoon until after Christmas, so we figured that having the Monday to relax and wind down would be a good idea. And as for the two ministers, my aunt is recently ordained, and I could never get married without her officiating; for symmetry, the hubby's minister will co-celebrate, as he's known the hubby and his family for a long time. It's going to be a cozy, friendly, little wedding, and a fab party in the in-laws' backyard that I am much looking forward to.

Now a question for Mangos, who is our resident classical music specialist: what is good wedding music? Other than Pachelbel, of course! I would never subject any self-respecting musician to that kind of monotony, as much as my mother loves it. So many things to think about!


Purple Mangos said...

I have a whole book of appropriate and enjoyed wedding music, although I wouldn't want to list all of them here, because it would take forever (and because if someone copied my gig book I might find myself out of a job). Probably the most common request for a processional, other than the Wedding Marches and Pachabel, is Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (Bach). Just make sure that you get someone good to play it, because it is more difficult than the standard repertoire and I have heard some people mangle it horribly.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Mangos. I do like the Bach. I'm hoping to get my aunt to play (she's a semi-pro pianist), so we'll have to find something that works on the piano, but there's lots of time yet.