Monday, June 18, 2007

Winding down and gearing up

As the Master's starts to draw to a close (I'm nearly 80% done my thesis, so I think that that's a legitimate claim!), my life as an elementary school teacher is gearing up again. I'm glad for it, really. I'm always happy for change and challenges, and going back to work full-time means money for a house and the community and fun of being in a school. I emailed my favourite principal today; I worked at one school as an emergency Grade 7 teacher for the last four weeks of the last school year, and it looks like they might have a job for me in September. I've been hoping that it would work out, and it looks like it might. The school is only one bus from my parents' house - no car for me, as we're trying to save as much as possible. Our car just got sold, actually, which is good for the bank account - and it's such a nice and friendly school. Good kids, good teachers, and good administration. Can't go wrong! I had a great time there last year; I got to teach a few different subjects and direct the graduation choir, which was a great time.

The school I'm hoping to be at is also quite close to the schools that a number of my friends work at, which means that we can do lunch regularly and share ideas and lesson plans. A good 50% of my girlfriends are teachers, so I think I'll enjoy being back in that community again. And funnily enough, one of my teacher's college colleagues and her husband are moving in with his parents soon after a year in Mexico, and his parents happen to live next door to my parents. How handy! Teaching is such a collaborative profession, and so the more teachers you have around you, the better. Being original all of the time is exhausting and unrealistic, so sharing isn't just something that we teach the kids!

I just sent in my "Annual Criminal Offence Declaration" (a.k.a. the "no I didn't do anything bad this year") form, which is the last piece of paperwork I have to file in order to be allowed to teach again next year. It was easy to forget this year that I'm really only on a leave of absence from teaching (I'm still officially employed by a school board), but it's becoming more real now. Now if I could only find out what grade I'm going to teach...