Friday, September 28, 2007

Apartment related bullet list, Part the First

Things I love about our apartment. This list will get much longer once we move in, I imagine:

  • There are not one, but two movie theatres attached to our building: a Silvercity, and an 8 screen independent. Definitely asking for gift certificates for Christmas.
  • We get Airmiles for paying our rent. Which we have to do anyway.
  • The chandelier in our dining room is quite adorable, and will look even more so with some cute shades on it. And normally apartment light fixtures are hideous.
  • There is laundry on every floor. No schepping to the basement.
  • There is apparently amazing dim sum just up the street at Cha Liu.
  • Neighbourhood pub is just across the street: The Duke of Kent. I've always wanted to be a pub girl, and have "our" pub, where everyone knows your name, you know? And now I can.
  • Did I mention the public library? Books and free DVD rentals to my hearts content.
  • If that wasn't enough bibliophilic goodness, there is also the Indigo, and a used bookstore just down the street.
  • The Reitman's store in the mall carries tall pants. When you're 5'10", have a 34" inseam, and want to be prepared for a pants emergency, that's a good thing. Sometimes, a girl just doesn't have anything to wear!
  • There is a gigantic L.C.B.O. in the mall, so I can begin to replenish my wine collection. I do love my wine, and the N.S.L.C. just wasn't the same. Definitely didn't have Citra, which is my favourite super cheap but highly rated Italian red.
  • The post office down the street is so pretty.
Pretty good list, considering that I don't live there yet. Looks like we'll be moving in on Wednesday, as long as I can secure the loan of my uncle's pickup truck. Mom & I are going white sale shopping tomorrow: towels, sheets, shower curtain, etc. Sunday is IKEA for a mattress, duvet cover, coffee table and dining room table & chairs, as well as shopping in Auntie Carol's basement, where I'll pick up a loveseat, a desk, some lamps, and assorted kitchen things. The hubby's parents are giving us a bed, a microwave, and a dresser, and I've already got two nightstands, two end tables, an armchair, a laundry hamper, and three bookshelves, as well as dishes, knives, a George Foreman grill, and assorted odds and ends, including four beautiful crystal wine glasses from our wedding registry, some Japanese lacquer plates that my host-mom gave me when I was living there, and two fondue sets. I think I'm going to have to have a housewarming fondue party; I love 70s retro kitsch. It'll be fun to get to use all of my things, finally!