Thursday, September 13, 2007

Job Interview #1

Well, my first interview for a post-school job is over, and it was rather interesting. The job was working in sales for a major academic publishing house, which was not a job that I particularly wanted. Rather, I was more interested in meeting with the publishers and finding out more about the organization. It took them about twenty minutes to figure out that it was neither a job that I wanted nor a job that they wanted to give me, and after that, we had a very interesting conversation about other things that they would like to have me for. Unfortunately, they cannot afford to hire me right now, as they just hired a couple of new people, but I'm hoping that they'll keep me in mind when they're ready for someone new.

Aside from the fact that I didn't get a job out of it, the interview was quite useful. I got to practice my interviewing skills, I've got a new suit, and I got to practice my highway driving skills (one major reason that I didn't want this job is that it required a lot of driving, and the office was all the way across the city). I'm starting to find not having a job pretty stressful and scary, but I'm working hard to change it, and hopefully something great will come up soon.