Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Job Search Update #3

Well, I am officially no longer unemployed. However, I am not officially employed, which seems contradictory, but I'll explain.

I met today with the first publishing house that I interviewed with, this time for a completely different job, and it's mine if I want it. I'm so excited! It is a killer job -- sales & marketing coordinator in the ESL department. Tons of different responsibilities, lots of variety, get to manage a group of international students who are working as volunteers, go to conferences. It sounds amazing.

As I mentioned before, I'm interviewing for an editor job at another university press on Thursday, so the first offer is on hold pending what I feel about this other publishing house and if they offer me a job. It's kind of stressful not knowing where for sure I'm going to be working, and not knowing how long the interview process is going to take (Thursday is a first interview), so that's kind of annoying. But other than that, I'm thrilled. Either job would be phenomenal, and I'm really happy.

The hubby and I are going to find an apartment on Monday. No matter where I'm working, we're going to be living in the same neighbourhood, and I don't want to be running around like a crazy person trying to move & start work at the same time, so we're going to be proactive about it. It might mean paying rent for one month when I'm not working, if I go with the second job and I don't start until November, but it's not a huge deal. This is maybe the best part of having a job. Yes, jobs are great and I can't wait to start working, but I miss living with the hubby, I love having my own place, I love living in the city, and I can't wait to decorate. I spent a couple of hours at IKEA today picking things out, and it was heaven. IKEA is my mecca.

So that's it for me. Don't know when or where I'll be working with 100% certainty, but I will be, and that's all that matters. Yea!