Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ten-ish moves in twenty four months

After 17 contented years living in the same place, I seem to somehow have caught a virus that makes it impossible for me to stay in one place for longer than 8 months. Here's a rundown of my gadabout ways in the past two years:

  • Mississauga house #1 to Kingston
  • Back & forth between Kingston & Mississauga, switching every other month
  • Mississauga house #1 to Mississauga house #2 (parents bought a new house)
  • Mississauga house #2 to University of Toronto campus
  • University of Toronto campus to Mississauga house #2
  • Mississauga house #2 to Halifax apartment
  • Halifax to Mississauga house #2
  • Mississauga house #2 to Toronto apartment
Now the last one is the most interesting to me at the moment. Tomorrow is set to be a rather busy day, as I am scheduled to see...let me check here...6 apartments. Let's hope that I'm successful and that's that, because I don't know how much I'm going to be able to handle!

If all goes well, the hubby and I will have an apartment either for Monday or for the 15th by tomorrow. The one that I'm the most excited about is actually attached via a tunnel to the subway station, which would be the most lovely & convenient thing ever. The only possible issue is the fact that we are looking in a really popular neighbourhood with young professionals (its nickname is Young & Eligible, so if you're a Torontonian, you know of where I speak), and apartments get snapped up really quickly. I hope I find what we're looking for. Wish me luck!