Thursday, September 06, 2007

Job Search Update #1

Today was quite a productive day in the job world. The first thing I did was set up an interview with a pretty major academic publishing house, which is exciting. The job is in ESL sales, which might not be my first choice of fields, but it is certainly something that I could be good at. I've got both perspectives covered --I'm an excellent salesperson, and I know what it feels like to be on the ESL education side of the table. The interview is happening on Wednesday, and while I'm not sure that this is a job that I'm going to want (it might require buying a car, which isn't something that I really want to do unless the pay makes it worthwhile for me financially), it never hurts to take an interview and at least get the practice.

The other thing that happened today was a meeting with the Toronto alumni coordinator of a university of which I am an alumna. She is both the alumni coordinator and a second cousin of the hubby's, so it was nice to meet her on both fronts. I met her sister and nieces at the hubby's sister-in-law's baby shower, and I was happy to put a face to a name. She knows people in all sorts of fields, and part of her job is to connect alumni new and old so that all of us who attended the school can help each other out and be helped out. She gave me some good names and contacts, and hopefully will have a list of people who I can set up information meetings with early next week. While these people might not have any jobs available in their own organizations, they certainly may know people who do, and hopefully they'll keep me in mind if anything comes up. It was both a fun meeting (lots of wedding talk, as M is getting married in the spring) and a productive one.

After that meeting, I met the hubby for a coffee, as his firm is right across the street. He's doing well; very busy, as you would expect a brand new lawyer to be, but he is enjoying it immensely. It's pretty fun to see him in a suit on a regular basis too, after a year of jeans and t-shirts. He's starting to get more and more responsibility, and it's fascinating to watch him gradually transition from hubby the student to hubby the lawyer. He's the man that I'm going to be living with for the next seventy years or so, and I quite like him so far! *grin*

On the GOTrain on the way home, I met an old friend from high school, which was fun. We talked about what we're up to all the way from Toronto to our station, and it was nice to get caught up. While I don't often think about high school, it was a really great experience, and I enjoy being reminded of that once in awhile. And I have to say, although I don't think that I want to settle in the suburbs right now, our transit system is pretty amazing. Thirty minutes from downtown to home, and it only costs 55 cents on the bus to get right to my door. How can you beat that?

Tonight I spent looking for a jacket to wear to the interview on Wednesday (found one, very cute & reasonably priced), and buying groceries for the little camping trip that the hubby and I are going on this weekend. We're going to sit on the beach, eat stuff cooked on sticks, and have the quality time that we have been sorely lacking lately. Not having much time where it's just us, like we had all year, is probably the hardest thing about moving home, but it's worth it financially. We should be in a position to buy a condo or townhouse in the spring, and not a lot of people can say that at 25.

I'm off to bed because I've got a yoga class in the morning (another new development--I am a total gym rat), and then it's packing and off we go! No blogging from the campsite, so I'll be back on Monday.