Friday, October 05, 2007

Back in the land of the living

Gotta love my Internet installation guy. He showed up BEFORE he was scheduled to come (when does that ever happen? Normally you're waiting like five hours, and then he or she decides that he or she can't come until the next day, when no one will be home), it took him all of four minutes to get us hooked up with our lovely and fast Roger's cable Internet, and then off he went to leave me to enjoy catching up on Lainey and Perez. What a lovely man. And thank goodness that he arrived when he did. I got tired of reading and with nothing else to do around the apartment, where I had to stay to let in the Roger's guy, I started playing Scrabble against myself. Lame.

Okay, so after a week of no blogging, lots of updates. Update #1: we are all moved in. Our lovely little apartment is much more lovely with furniture and all of those fun things in it. I know that I claimed earlier that I couldn't think of anything wrong with it, but I have found one thing: lack of cupboard space. However, that will be remedied when we bring my bookshelves over from Mom & Dad's house, and we'll use one or two as a pantry. Problem solved.

This whole moving business would not have worked if it hadn't been for my parents, so a shout out to them (although as far as I know, they have no idea of what a blog is or how to find mine. But a shout out all the same.) Mom & Dad are on vacation this week, and after I sprang on them about three days beforehand that I was moving, they came together in their usual fine form and got us all organized. Dad & I made a few runs in my uncle's borrowed pick-up truck, Mom & Hayley assembled furniture, and the hubby's mom came over after work to help organize and get us settled in. Yep, we've got some rockin' parents.

Update #2: I have officially accepted a job. As I'm not big on putting too many identifying features on the blog for privacy reasons, I'm not going to name the publishing house that I'm going to be working for, but it's the first one that I interviewed with, who offered me a job other than the one that I originally interviewed for. I just got tired of waiting for the second one, and as I have been all mentally moved into my office at the first one for weeks now, it seems time to just tell them that I'd made up my mind. #2 publisher did offer me another interview, but I was done with them, so that's that. And I start work on the 15th, which is mucho exciting. My new boss sounds just as excited to have me as I am to be going there, so all has worked out very well. I'm going in on Tuesday morning to sign my employment letter and test out the morning bus route. Apparently, according to my new boss, it will take me about 15 minutes. How great is that??

Other than exploring our new neighbourhood, getting a library card, and picking up a few things that we needed (blue box, paper towel holder, groceries), I've had a lovely and relaxing week. With no Internet (and hence no TV, as the computer is my TV), I've been doing a ton of reading, which means that Melissa's Library will get an extensive update soon. I also did some highly enjoyable napping, tea drinking, and apartment cleaning. While the hubby was out at a meeting last night, I reconfigured our living room furniture in every possible way that I could think of, and ended up having it back the way it was originally, which amused me for an hour or so. But mostly, I'm enjoying the freedom to sit in my own living room drinking wine out of my own wine glasses, listening to my own music, and knowing that this is my place, and I can do in it and to it as I wish. Very refreshing. That and having the hubby around. Missed that muchly these past few months.

This weekend is going to be insane, as combining households also means combining holidays. My family has always done two of everything: two Thanksgivings, two Christmases, mostly because we celebrate with my Mom's family and my Dad's family separately. Add to that the hubby's family, and we are attending two full Thanksgiving dinners and a Thanksgiving brunch. Yikes! Add to that a day of moving furniture on Saturday (last few things we have to pick up, like the desk and chair), we are going to be mighty fat and tired come Tuesday. But hey, that's family!

The same seems to be happening in multiple for Christmas. I've always had full Christmases on Christmas Day (which is also Mom's birthday), and Boxing Day, but now we've also got Christmas at Auntie Carol's on the 16th (tradition, as the hubby and his family were traditionally in the Dominican Republic for Christmas), and the hubby's parents seem now to be doing a dinner on the 25th as well, as just the two of them are going away this year, and not until after Christmas. I'm hoping that maybe the 16th and the 25th will get combined together on the 24th so that I can keep some sanity, but who knows. At least with the new job, I get the week between Christmas and New Year's off, so I can recuperate then.

Alrighty, I'm off to catch up on missed TV. Time for Ugly Betty. I wonder if Henry knows about Dr. Farkus...