Saturday, January 19, 2008

So in need of a do-nothing day

This week was pretty hairy, so to recover, the hubby and I did pretty much nothing all day. We had breakfast at the local diner (Mars Uptown Restaurant), which is one of my favourite things to do (I come by my love for all day breakfast from my dad, who could eat eggs for every meal of the day and be completely happy), and then we came home and read books and lounged and played guitar and chatted for the day. It was great.

The week that I was recovering from was pretty fun, I have to admit. On Tuesday, our favourite author came to town from Vancouver. He was speaking at a local LINC class (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada), and then we took him out for dinner. He is such a good and kind and empathetic person that we all love spending time with him. At one point during dinner, he went to the bathroom, and the six of us just kind of sat there silently in awe. It's hilarious. We're an office full of professionals, and we gush about him like he's the best thing since sliced bread. He was in the office on Friday morning, and all you could hear all morning was laughing. His wife send him with presents too. So sweet! Because he's such an amazing person, so many doors are open to him (he had tea with Adrienne Clarkson and John Raulston Saul yesterday), so it makes my job of promoting him and his book really easy. I'm going to be working in conjunction with his Vancouver publicist, and when I spoke to her about it on Thursday, I have never heard anyone so thrilled to be involved in a project before.

Wednesday night was my first guitar class, and I loved it. Our instructor is named Glen, and he's a really talented guitarist; he played some amazing jazz and flamenco for us, and I was mucho impressed. Hope I'll get that good one day. He's been playing for 20 years, though, so it will take me awhile! The class has about 20 people in it, and everyone seems really nice. It's super relaxed and fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Glen is really funny; he always looks slightly stunned that he can sit in front of twenty people and they actually listen to him. I remember that feeling during my brief tenure as a teacher!

I'm currently working on building up the calluses on my fingers. I had great ones in high school, but the disappear quickly, and take awhile to build back up. I'm trying to play for at least 40 minutes a day (in small increments), and it's paying off, as my fingers don't hurt much, and I can feel them getting stronger. No more dexterous, mind you (I suck at picking), but I'm working on it.

Tonight, a bunch of people (some of the hubby's friends, and some of my girls for work) are going to the pub for drinks, which will be nice. But first, it's time for homemade burgers for dinner with my extra special St. Lawrence Market ground beef. I swear, everything from there tastes about a million times better than the same thing from the grocery store. And going reminds me of the Halifax market, which is nice, as I've got lots of good memories attached to that one. Now if only I could find really good cinnamon buns at the St. Lawrence...