Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger: RIP

Breaking news, as of about 5:00 Toronto time. Heath Leger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment today. I had heard rumours of some hardcore partying, and all that goes along with it, so I won't be surprised if the autopsy shows that it was an overdose. Lame.

However, as much as he chose to waste his life, Heath did do some great movies. Well, one great movie, and one movie that I love just because. Brokeback Mountain was genius, and to think that he'll never get the chance to do better than he did in that role is heartbreaking. And I love Ten Things I Hate About You because it's one of those movies that you love as a teenager and that my sister and I watched together.

So RIP Heath Ledger. I hope Mathilda does okay without you. She's gonna miss her daddy.