Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day! (Gag)

I'm not a huge Valentine's fan. Cheezy, cheezy, cheezy. And commercial. And a sad excuse for people not to do nice things for their partner for no reason. So Valentine's around here was low key. I made spaghetti alla carbonara for dinner, as I agree with Nigella Lawson that it is a particularly sexy food, and then the hubby and I went to see Definitely, Maybe. Very very cute, without being nauseating. Abigail Breslin is adorable, and I'm totally girl crushing on Rachel Weisz. She and Ryan Reynolds both have the most fantastic eyebrows!

The hubby and I are currently locked in a Scrabulous battle to the death. I am ridiculously terrible at Scrabble for someone with two English degrees, but it's fun. Scrabble is the one board game that we actually own. I want Monopoly, but no one will ever play with me. Pout. Sometimes a girl just wants to be a greedy capitalist, you know! Another game that I need to get is Simon. Have you ever played Simon? If you have, you know how addictive it is, and I bet that you've got the "boop, boop, beep, boop, boop, beep, boop" going on in your head right now. Actually, now that I think of have some fun playing.

Today at work was the mission from Hades, all because of a wonky photocopier. We're exhibiting at this big literacy conference downtown this week, and of course, the day that I need about 2000 pages of photocopies for the conference, the copier dies. Mucho frustrating! So we made do with what we had around yesterday, but today we really needed stuff. I wasn't planning on going to the conference until tomorrow (gotta stay away so that I can be anonymous and do my conference espionage thing), but after a couple of telephone pleas from the girls, I had to go over. So I coerced nice Patrick from work to drive me to Staples to get what we needed copied, and then drop it off downtown.

Well, the first Staples couldn't print Publisher files. Moreover, THEIR photocopier was broken! Ridiculous! So then we had to drive back to the office so that I could convert the Publisher file into PDF, and then we went to another Staples to get everything printed. And of course, it took them at least 45 minutes. And then we had to get downtown, deal with full parking lots and one way streets. Finally, I dropped everything off to my grateful reps (they better have been grateful!) and we made it back to the office for lunch. Nuts! The Xerox guy better come soon, and he better be good, 'cause I ain't doing that again!

In other news, we booked our wedding photographer. I posted his website last post. His pictures are amazing, and he's a really nice guy, so I think he'll be able to convince everyone to smile pretty. I also found out what the hubby and his mom were whispering about at lunch on Sunday. They made me stay put in the dining room while they went off somewhere whispering together, and I found out a while later that the secret was that the hubby's aunt Carol (one of my favourite people on the planet) is sending us to Disney World for the first couple days of our honeymoon. Sweet! I've never been there, and it looks like such fun! So we'll go be kids for a couple of days, and then we're going to go hang out at the hubby's parents condo and lie by the pool and hit up Target for back to school clothes. Can't wait! I've said all along that I don't particularly care about the wedding, just the marriage, but I have to admit, I am excited about the honeymoon. I haven't been anywhere in ages!


Mar said...

Disney is a riot as adults! You guys will have lots of fun! Try and hop over to Universal sometime too, its even better than Disney!

<3 Mar

Melissa said...

I'm super excited about Epcot and Universal. Disney itself, I really just want to see the castle and do Space Mountain. Our resort looks amazing too. We're staying at Port Orleans French Quarter, which is supposed to be like being in old school New Orleans. Cool!