Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ebb and Flow

This week is one of those ones with major lulls and major highs. I was off sick yesterday, so I spent a pleasant day in bed (didn't sleep the night before) reading, watching movies (Pride & Prejudice and part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), napping, and being amazed by the snow thunderstorm. It was neat. But after a do-nothing day yesterday and a day of mindless but useful work today (making up a list for Philip of all of the products that he can sell in Nova Scotia, as they work in an government-approved books only system and interviewing a potential marketing intern, along with the usual meetings), we're going to have a crazy weekend.

The hubby saw this ad for 401 East--> Donairs on the side of a bus shelter, and decided that he had to have it (he loves both Nova Scotia and donairs with a passion that is not holy). So he emailed the tourism bureau, who not only emailed him the poster, but invited us to participate in a Toronto-based Nova Scotia tourism and immigration focus group. (If you haven't had Halifax donair, you're missing out. It's a weird Turkish/German/Maritimes concoction of gyros meat, sweet mayonnaise-like sauce, tomato and onion on pita. Yummy, and very Nova Scotian.) So tomorrow night we have our first focus group meeting, and afterwards, we're going to a performance of Drum! at Massey Hall.

Saturday is a very wedding-y sort of day. The morning is our marriage preparation session at the church. How prepared you can get for being married in 3.5 hours, I don't know, but it's mandatory, so off we go. Can't hurt. After that, we have a wedding pow-wow with the hubby's parents, as our last scheduled one was interrupted by the Bell guy, and then we're meeting with our potential photographer. I'm really excited to meet him for a number of reasons: 1) he's known the hubby and his family for a million years (his exact words were, "I don't think I remember a time that I didn't know them), and so he's the kind of person that I want to take our photos, 2) On the phone and through emails, he's a super sweet and personable guy who I know I'll like working with and who I know will coax our guests into some great shots, and 3) his photos are amazing. His name is Joseph Michael, and here's his website: www.
Gorgeous photos, non? So I really hope that it works out, because he just seems like the right fit. Kind of like my dress.

Saturday night is a surprise party for a good friend, Mike, at Grace O'Malley's. We were at Gracie's a few weeks ago, and it's always a great time. They always have a good band, and it's just our kind of place. They hold a Domus night (the Dalhousie law student bar night, which in Halifax is at the Pogue Fado on Thursday nights) there once a month, so it's kind of like a Toronto version of the Pogue. Very homey.

Sunday will be recuperating from Saturday, grocery shopping, apartment cleaning, gym hitting, and potentially watching the J.K. Rowling documentary that I downloaded last night. It was on the CBC a few nights ago, but I was feeling too sick to watch. She interests me, so I think I need to check it out. I'd love to be the kind of person who dreams up a billion dollar story and writes it at the coffee shop. Sign me up.

Let's hope that tomorrow isn't too crazy a day at work. I do already have a marketing meeting, a conference call, and a lot of paperwork lined up. Lots of coffee it is!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at marriage counseling! lol Its not as bad as it sounds. (Or at least thats what I remember from almost ... 5 years ago... Man it doesnt seem that long ago?) That was your PJ Days (Pre-Jon)


<3 Mar

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment, Timothy! Drum! was a lot of fun; unfortunately, had to miss out on the focus group due to bad weather/traffic. I'll post about it next time we meet.
Mar: marriage counselling was good, and now we have a photographer too! It was a good day. Luckily JPMC and I are good communicators & mad about each other already, so the counselling was no biggie. And we found out today that we're doing 3 days at Disney and 4 days in Sarasota for our honeymoon!