Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Weekend of Danforth-y Goodness

Last night, the hubby and I went out for dinner with Avi and Leora to Pantheon, on the Danforth. I'm always in for yummy Greek food, and it delivered. We got a complimentary plate of taramosalata, skordalia, and hummus with warm pita, which was delicious. Avi didn't think he would like anything with caviar in it (taramosalata), but he enjoyed it. I had grilled calamari; for me, calamari is always the test of a good restaurant, and this was good. Charred and tasty on the outside, but not rubbery. Rubbery calamari is a killer. The owner brought us complimentary dessert, and the place was packed! You know it must be good if it's that busy. We hung out there for a good three hours, and caught up. I have very specific tastes in social events; I can handle a loud bar night once in awhile, but give me a dinner with a couple or two anytime. It was a good night.

Today, I headed back over to the exact same block of the Danforth with Mom & Hayley to go wedding dress shopping. We tried hitting up the Brides Project this morning, but no luck. The selection in my size was really small, and the dresses were all too short. Darn. But we were out of there in about half an hour, which gave us lots of time for a yummy chicken gyros and Greek salad lunch at Messini Authentic Gyros. After all that Greek deliciousness, we hit up The Dressroom.

The Dressroom is my kind of wedding dress store. The staff are super friendly, extraordinarily helpful, and they've helped so many brides find the right dress, they're experts at choosing things that are going to look good. After trying on about eight dresses in my size and not loving any of them, Mom and Hayley started aaahing over one that the girl in the next fitting room was looking at. It became my new favorite, and because of it, our assistant Sarah got a good idea of what shape I was looking for. She came back with another dress, one that she had never had anyone try on before. I put it on, and it zipped up like it was made for me. Not only that, it looked fantastic, and I looked, and felt, perfect in it: like myself, only getting married. Mom, Hayley, Sarah, and a couple of other staffers stopped and went "Yep, that's it!" And it was. So, two stores and a dozen dresses later, I had mine. We warned Sarah that we were decisive!

After choosing a veil (which comes with the dress, a total bonus as the dress itself was ridiculously reasonably priced anyway) and putting the dress on order, we were good to go! I can't tell you what it looks like, because the hubby is an avid Melissa's Miscellany reader, but if you want to see pictures, leave me a comment and I'll email them over or give you the link. I'll get the dress in 4-5 months, get it altered a tiny bit (it really does fit almost perfectly), and then it'll be time to get married.

So now all we have to do is find a photographer. The hubby and I met with one yesterday, and while she's good, we're meeting with someone else next weekend that I think might be perfect. I'll keep you posted. I'm so excited that I've got my dress!


Anonymous said...

Send me a pic! lol.
My dress was the first one I tried on.... tried a dozen more but nothing matched it so I went back and got it. lol. Congrats!!!!

<3 Mar