Sunday, April 20, 2008

Action Packed Weekend

  • Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Very funny, and quite sweet. Have new respect for Mila Kunis, whom I thought was a total dingbat in That 70s Show.
  • Woke up at noon, went to IKEA and stocked up on patio furniture & pots for my new container garden.
  • Drove to Bowlerama at Six Points for a Community Living Toronto fundraiser. I suck. The hubby is quite good, but Greg & Kerry beat us all. Kerry even had her bowling shirt on. I should have been scared from the moment I saw her. Aaron was being a total flirt, but was very good, and managed not to get his fingers squished between two bowling balls.
  • Drove to Mississauga to see Nanny in her final Live on Stage show. She's been in this musical group and doing this variety show since 1979, and she missed only one-1999- because she had a broken pelvis. Trooper! Nan sang a solo, and was amazing, and we all hooted and hollered and made her mighty pleased and embarrassed. It was a good night.
  • Stayed up until 12:30 chatting with Mom, Dad & the hubby, and then had an interesting sleep full of odd dreams in my old bed (definitely something about an ex-boyfriend, his grandmother, who didn't look at all like his grandmother, and the hubby. But not in a bad way).
  • Went to my old church (from back in the days when I went to church, and lived in that neighbourhood) for my cousin's first communion. She looked ADORABLE, and was wearing what she'll be wearing as a flower girl in the wedding. So cute. She went and got her hair done and everything. Such a girly girl.
  • Then back to my aunt & uncle's house for lunch, which involved lots of yummy food, and an amazing professionally decorated cake made by the next-door neighbour. So many talented people!
  • Back to IKEA to pick up a couple of things that the first one didn't have.
  • Set up the patio with table & chairs, putting out pots that are waiting to be filled while the hubby returned the rental car.
  • Made a delicious dinner of chicken curry, which I can finally make again because I finally found my favourite curry paste in Mississauga, and bought ten packets so that I wouldn't run out before the next time we get out there (because apparently, this curry paste is not sold in Toronto. But it is in Halifax and Mississauga. Weird.)
  • And am now sitting on the patio blogging, drinking tea, and appreciating the fact that I am outside at 10:00 on a Sunday night, perfectly comfortable in short sleeves, and sitting in an awesome chair that I am going to live in from now until October. Great weekend!