Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wedding x 2

It does feel like I'm planning two weddings right now. Both involve invitations, guest lists, coordinating with caterers, special guests, flowers, budgets, decorations, party favours, and fancy clothes. However, one is coming up rather soon (June 5), and happens to be a launch party at work, and the other is my actual wedding, which is still a little less than four months off.

It's interesting how work and home life are overlapping right now. At work, I'm currently embroiled in finalizing quite an interesting guest list full of many political and corporate big wigs, and my project for tomorrow is to print off all of the invitations (essentially the same invites that we're using for the wedding, actually, which will be good practice) and get them sent out. The wedding invites should be a snap after that. Friday at work was a meeting with the venue manager for the party, which involved finalizing food, table placement, number of guests, staffing, drinks etc. And Sunday at the hubby's parents' house, we had a meeting with our caterer for the wedding, which involved finalizing food, table placement, number of guests, staffing, drinks, etc. Uncanny, really. It's nice that I can call on the same skill set, though.

The party planning is coming along nicely, as is the wedding. I'm looking forward to both, actually, although the party might be a bit more personally stressful as almost the entirety of how smoothly it runs is on my shoulders, whereas my mom and sister have taken on much of the responsibility of wedding planning. And the cost. I have a lovely generous family, I can certainly say that. The launch party is going to be a bit more extravagant than the wedding, but as the cost is being split between three divisions, and there aren't the same demands for cake and poufy dresses, it'll be reasonable. This is the first such event that we've done, and I hope it goes well and is effective, so that we can do it again.

My next jobs, both party and wedding wise, are to sort out flowers, finalize the guests list & people actually attending, make up favours (books in one case, sweets in the other), and try to keep everyone happy. The last one is always the toughest. But when family sometimes feels like work, and work sometimes feels like family, isn't that the way it goes?


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