Tuesday, May 27, 2008


  • One of my favourite people is (fingers crossed) currently in labour with her fourth baby, little Jonas. She's had a bit of a tough pregnancy, so I hope her labour is extra-smooth to make up for it. Can't wait to see pictures of him! I'm sending good wishes to papa Jan as well.
  • Tomorrow night is grandkid birthday dinner for Nanny, who is turning 88. We're going out for Moroccan food and a belly-dancing performance. Nan is very adventurous for someone who is almost 90.
  • I only have 8 days of total utter work nonsense to get through before my life goes back to normal. Whose idea was it to have the new website launching, the biggest conference of the year, and a huge launch party, all in the same week? Not mine!! And in a department of 4 people, a TON of the work goes to me. Needless to say, I'm about ready to pass out. Ten weeks until I get to tell work I'm going back to school. Can't wait.
  • Wedding shower pig roast on Saturday night with the country cousins. Haven't seen them in awhile, and I haven't been to the farm yet, so I'm much looking forward to it.
  • Sex and the City on Friday! Can't wait! I've seen every episode at least once, so I can't miss out on the movie. Neither apparently can my one male co-worker. Odd, but endearing. And he's not gay.
  • One of our "as often as we can pull it off" weekends with Mar & Blaise next weekend. They live in Bowmanville, but we do really well at seeing each other. I guarantee that there will be some Wii-ing, some drinking, lots of laughing, and lots of good food. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
So, while I hate the idea of going to work in the morning (I have to finish signing off on the new website before it goes live, which means clicking on EVERY link on the whole site and making sure that it works. Shoot me now. And I'm worried about getting the last few things out to New Brunswick for the conference, which begins on Friday. Etc. Etc. I'll stop whining now) I do have a fair bit to be excited about. But right now, I'm mostly excited about bed.