Thursday, May 29, 2008

MORE Excitement!

  • Mariecel gave birth to Jonas last night. He weighs 7.5 lbs, and both mom and baby are healthy. I can't wait to see pictures! Mariecel is an phenomenal photographer, so I know that her photos of Jonas will be spectacular both because her children are gorgeous, and because her photos are.
  • My new glasses arrived! My super-comprehensive work benefits cover glasses, and as I've given up on the whole contacts concept--they're uncomfortable, they're too much work, they take up too much room, what with all of those bottles etc., and they have no fashion presence whatsoever, and as my mom says, "Mel, you just look weird without your glasses on, like something is missing"--I decided to get a new pair of glasses. I found some for an AMAZING price (and Calvin Klein, no less) on a website that my benefits plan has a discount deal with. I was a bit nervous about not getting to try them on first, but they arrived today (free FedEx overnight included!) and they are perfect! Funky and sweet at the same time, and I love the sparkly goldy-pink, especially with the contrast of the black arms. Here they are:
  • Our Moroccan dinner with belly dancing for Nanny's birthday last night was amazing! The food was delicious--spicy and aromatic without being hot--, the bellydancing was quite intriguing, and Nanny seemed to have a good time. If you're ever in the mood for something a little different, give The Sultan's Tent a try. It would be a great location for a date, what with the sofa-like seating with many throw pillows, the draped fabrics, the dim lights, the exotic music, and the good food. Just beware the portion sizes: it is a four course prix-fixe menu, and the mains are huge!
  • My boss managed to finagle a sponsorship deal with a major Canadian telecommunications company for our launch week, so they have purchased some hundreds of our books to give out at a bunch of launch events. Our customers are going to be so excited! This launch week has turned out to be major major work--way more work than the wedding, however much I compare the two--so I really hope that it pays off in raising our profile and getting our books out there. Fingers crossed!
  • And last, but certainly not least, the hubby got his dream job! After only three weeks of unemployment, he's back at it, at a firm he is so excited about, on Monday morning. They sent him his contract today, and then said to him "So, do you want to come in and sign it this afternoon? And after that, how about dragonboat practice, 'cause you're on the team now? We already got you a shirt!" How adorable is that? The hubby loves being in a close-knit community feeling workplace like that, so I think he is going to be in his element. He was so excited today when he called me at work to let me know, I could tell that they had offered him the job even before he said the words. I'm so happy for him! And now we're both settled for after the wedding and beyond. A great relief.