Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday, Quiet Sunday

I sincerely appreciate the rare weekend days that we get when we can do whatever we want, and don't have any set plans. Not to say that we're going to be lazy, but it's nice to be able to do our own things, including:

  • Adding to the wedding registry, as there are showers coming up soon, and there are definitely things we've forgotten. I had a long conversation with the hubby's cousin last night (we were at her pig roast wedding shower/ family get-together) about the weirdness of having to sit around and let people stare at you opening presents, not to mention the weirdness of having an organized system of asking for presents that involves a scanning gun and online lists. Wedding registries make me feel guilty--what did I do to deserve all of this, other than get hitched?--but people expect it, so off we go.
  • Finishing the website checking for work. I've only got a few pages left to check, and the launch is on June 11th, so I need to get it done.
  • Picking up last minute launch week supplies at Staples. I'm so glad that my boss finally showed me how to fill out expense forms.
  • Planting seeds. My tomatoes, peppers, and herbs look great, but I could use some flowers.
  • Making a roast chicken for dinner. I had intended to do this a few nights ago, but we haven't been home for dinner since Tuesday. One of those weeks. Can't go wrong with a Sunday night chicken, though, especially because it leads to yummy roast chicken salad sandwiches for lunch on Monday. Oh, wait. I'm not going to be at work for lunch on Monday. Okay, Tuesday.
  • Reading, and drinking tea. That is my big plan from about 7:30 pm onwards. Can't wait!