Sunday, June 22, 2008

Holidays, Birthdays & Big Goings On

June has been a hectic and event filled month. In the span of a couple of weeks, we've had, or will have, Father's Day, the hubby's birthday, his call to the bar, the hubby's mum's birthday, my dad's birthday, and a wedding shower.

This weekend was the hubby's call to the bar ceremony, and then a trip to Jen's cottage, and a dinner party at law Jen's house. The call to the bar was rather nice, albeit long. Much like a convocation ceremony, everyone got called up by name to receive their "Barrister at Law" degree while wearing their court robes. As the hubby is a litigator, which means that he works primarily in the courtroom, he'll be wearing his robes, which consist of black or charcoal trousers, a long-sleeved waistcoat, a tuxedo shirt, tabs (long white tie-ish thing), and a robe, fairly frequently. After the calling up (there were 293 people at this ceremony, of whom I knew about a dozen), all of the newly minted lawyers swore a Hippocratic-type oath, and that was that. The hubby's family and I then had a very nice lunch at Osgoode Hall, which has a beautiful dining room and very good food.

After we saw everyone safely home, the hubby and I had a nap, and the headed up to Jen's cottage in Mulmur. The cottage is an old converted schoolhouse, and it is lovely. We spent Friday evening and all day Saturday chatting, eating, playing guitar, singing, and reading. It was such a nice, relaxing time. The house is gorgeous, and it makes me wish more and more that we had our own proper house to decorate and renovate. While our apartment is good for now, and in a great location, I want something that is mine.

On the way back from the cottage, Jen & Mike dropped us off at law Jen's house for a "congratulations on your call to the bar" dinner party, hosted by Jen's parents, who are really wonderful people. Jen is an only child, and herextended family is really her friends, so it was an especially nice event in that way. There was tons of great Chinese food (Jen is Chinese), many cute babies, and a set of very proud parents. We got to see some old law friends there who just got married last weekend, and are on their way to their honeymoon in Costa Rica as we speak. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones.

Today is a lazy day, as we've had a busy weekend so far. Aside from cleaning the apartment and suit shopping for the hubby, we're not planning on doing much of anything. Next weekend will also be busy, as Sunday is my first wedding shower, and there's a birthday dinner for my dad immediately afterward, and we'll also have a birthday dinner for the hubby's mum sometime that weekend. And then it's Canada Day, which means that we've got Monday & Tuesday off to relax by the pool and do nothing but read and work on our tans. I can't believe that it will be July already!