Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I thought I wanted to relax...

After a week like last week, I thought that I would want to do nothing all weekend, but it turned out to be a busy one. It was fabulous, though! Just what I needed. I think a do-nothing weekend would have been too much of a shock after my busy week.

Friday night we drove to Bowmanville to see Mar & Blaise, which is always a ball. Mar made the most amazing perogies, with a sauce made of Crown Royal, hot sauce, and maple syrup. Yummy! I bought a bag of perogies, just so I can try it myself. The boys played video games and drank beer, and Mar and I chatted, slept, and drank beer. It was loverly. In the morning, we went for what is becoming our traditional breakfast at Wimpy's Diner. Mmmm....eggs, bacon, toast & hash browns. If I had to have a last meal, that would probably be it. Then it was off to the conservation area, where we chilled on a blanket, read, took pictures, and got massacred by mosquitoes. The itches are worth it, though.

I dropped the hubby off at home on the way back from Bowmanville, and then continued on to Mom & Dad's for dinner and Sex and the City with mom. Not super impressed with the movie, but it was fun to see. It didn't totally suck, which was good enough for me. But as with Indiana Jones, just didn't have the same spark as the original. After we got home, I chilled with Dad until one-ish, watching The Green Mile and chatting. Love my dad.

On Sunday, I had a fantastic trip to the grocery store. We don't have a proper Longo's downtown, so I went a bit crazy. It was all fruits & veg, pretty much, as theirs are fabulous. I've already made a couple of pretty great dinners out of my spoils- steak with tomato & blue cheese salad and crispy roasted fingerling potatoes, and another iteration of the wild mushroom risotto with fiddleheads. I also bought and planted some more herbs for my patio garden, which is looking quite nice now. My tomatoes are getting big, and hopefully I'll get lots of cherry tomatoes through the summer. I've discovered that I have little patience for flowers, and mostly want to grow things that we can eat. I think when we have a proper yard, I'll want flowers (I do love tulips, peonies, and roses), but growing edible things somehow fulfills some kind of settler-farmer instinct I've got going on.

Sunday afternoon and evening was spent at the hubby's mum and dad's house, as they opened the swimming pool on the weekend and it was the perfect day for a swim. The baby was having a ball in the water, and with the toad that Grandma caught for him and put in a bucket. Of course, just after his mom put him into his jammies, Poppy let him run through the sprinkler, but little boys dry pretty quickly. He's such a cutie. The yard is looking gorgeous, and it will be so beautiful at the wedding. We made a good choice. How can you go wrong with a reception site that is both lovely and free?

Monday morning came less quickly than usual this weekend, probably because of our summer hours at work (we finish at 1:00 on Fridays.) All in all, it was a very very very fulfilling and contentment inducing weekend. The perfect first really summery weekend of the year. Hope we have more like it!