Thursday, June 05, 2008

Launch Week Update

Well, the launch party is over, and it went swimmingly. All of my hard work organizing, assigning, liasing, inviting, coordinating, and supervising is over, and it was well worth it. Everyone had a good time, tons of great contacts were made, we got at least three ideas of new books to publish (and amazing authors to go along with them), and one of my favourite people at work, the director of the trade division, was very happy. Everyone was very happy, but it's especially fun to make him happy, as he's such a sweet guy who really knows the business inside out. He was the one who really wanted to do a trade-style launch for these books (we normally publish textbooks, so we don't have launch parties, but as these were more mass-market books, they fit).

I'm very glad that it's over, however. I'm sure that I'll hear about things that went wrong and people who were unhappy once I get to the office tomorrow, but that's to be expected. However, nothing major went wrong (except for that the president of our company couldn't come at the last minute, and there was no parking in 2 km radius around the restaurant due to convocation), and I'm pleased with it.

The hubby is at dragonboat practice tonight, so I'm spending the evening organizing my music and making sure that all of my albums have covers. I've got quite a music library, and I like to be able to see what my CDs look like, and have them in a good order on my hard drive, so I have a clean up session like this once in a while. Helps me get any vestiges of OCD in my system under control in the privacy of my own home. *lol*

Tomorrow is a half day, and then it's off to Bowmanville! Woot!