Sunday, June 29, 2008

Long Weekend, Part #1

So my office is closed on Monday, and we are on summer hours (off at 1:00 on Friday), so I've had so far 2 1/2 days of weekend, and I've still got two days to go. Life is good. Thus far this weekend I have:

  • Had lunch and an afternoon of drinks with a former colleague, who left our company to work for one of the competitors. She's been super busy the past few months, settling into her new job, so we haven't had a chance to catch up in person. It was nice to see her, and we'll have to do it more often, as I can nearly see her apartment from my balcony.
  • Went from drinks to meeting my sister & her best friend for dinner at our favourite place, The Victory Cafe. Sister #2 is in for the week from Vancouver, so it was nice to see her. She really is like my second little sister, and I missed her. We had the Victory's awesome as always nachos and club sandwiches (oh, the Swiss triangle buns and chipotle mayo), and enjoyed the patio and a few beer. It was loverly.
  • Went from Victory to The Pump in the Annex for drinks with current and former co-workers. One of my favourite co-workers left about four months ago to work for a nutritional supplement marketing company, and as she's a super health nut, it suits her perfectly. We wanted to have a last Toronto hurrah before she moves to Burlington to be closer to her job, and we had such a nice time sitting at a big table drinking beer and swapping stories. One of my sales reps, who doesn't always come out for work nights out, came and brought her boyfriend, whom I had been dying to meet. He's EXACTLY what I pictured, which is funny, because that almost never happens. We ended out the night with streetside gelato (mmmm...lemon). It was just about perfect.
  • Slept in a bit, had some really good eggs for breakfast (we had the right bread, and the right butter, and the right eggs, and it was just great), and then went to see the $6 matinee of WALL-E, which I had been dying to see. And which I am still dying to see, as the film cut out at a crucial moment, and didn't start back up again. We got free tickets out of it, but I would like to see the end. Grr.
  • Went home, disappointed, and got dressed and organized for dinner out with the hubby's family for his mum's birthday. We went over to their place to hang out for a bit and open presents, and then went over to Mama Martino's for dinner. Mama's is a great cheap little Italian place that is always packed, and always good. I had a wickedly garlicky caesar salad, veal marsala (which is one of my absolute favourites), and spaghetti. Yummy yummy yummy. The hubby's dad brought up this year's Christmas, which will involve dinner at their place on Christmas Eve (yea! No more doing three Christmases and a birthday in one day!), and then maybe going to either Florida or the Dominican between Christmas and New Year's. Sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to my first C family Christmas, as an official member.
  • Hung out on our patio for the evening in the cool night air. Lovely. And then went to bed at a decent hour and...
  • Had the best sleep that we've had in ages. Then, got up, got pretty, and went out to my sister-in-law's place to go to my first wedding shower! It was very fun (so nice to see everyone, and give them a chance to hang out and meet each other), and the house and everything looked amazing. Odd to have everyone watch me open things, but other than that, I very much enjoyed myself. And I really appreciate all of the hard work that my mom & sister put in to organize it.
  • Drove back to the apartment with a few of our gifts. Most of them are going to live at Mom & Dad's until we buy a house and have room for them, but a few things I wanted to use right away, like the espresso maker and summer-weight comforter, as our winter one is too heavy and hot. I think having all of our pretty and practical things waiting for us at Mom & Dad's will give us more incentive to save up and buy something sooner, which is a good thing.
So that's been our weekend thus far, and we've still got two days left. Can't wait! This has been a great weekend so far, and we've got some fun things planned for Monday and Tuesday. Love that our offices are closed and we can really relax.


Mar said...

Hehehe I see you are listening to Moby 18... I'll let Blaise take the credit for that one haha...

Hurry and post a new post, its been a week, geez... :) I have nothing to read! I was daydreaming the other day about taking a trip to the UK, where that DJ from the Netherlands is playing a summer show with Moby... sigh, would be so great to see... But i need a million dollars first... lol

Hope things are going good with you guys!!!

<3 Mar