Saturday, July 05, 2008

Long Weekend, Part #2

Yah, I know I'm a bit late on this, seeing as it's already the weekend after the long weekend, but whatevs. Monday and Tuesday were pretty fabulous days as well, in which we:

  • Bought our marriage license. Easy peasy. $130 and a couple of signatures later, we were set. It's already been handed off to the minister, so the legal aspects of getting married are all taken care of.
  • Went to the North York Central library and got mad books for my revised SSHRC proposal. Didn't realize how wicked that library is: 6 floors of bibliographic goodness. There and a trip to BMV, and I'm set for awhile. I love that I got at least 8 books there for the grand total of $20.
  • Went to see Wanted, which rocked. Both James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie are the hotness, although I know that Angelina is now a cliche, and is too skinny. Still hot. Wish that James McAvoy could have used his Scottish accent in the movie, but I realize that he needed to be an American. The plot was silly, and the physics were impossible, but it was a lot of fun.
  • Organized our bedroom, which tends to become a swamp of clothing, which was very satisfying.
  • Went for a swim at the hubby's mum and dad's. Their yard is looking gorgeous, and the pool was warm and lovely. So nice to be able to head over there whenever we like.
  • Designed our wedding ceremony in preparation for our meeting with the minister on Wednesday. It was easier than you might imagine, probably because the hubby and I are of a similar mind on a lot of things, and because we're good at compromising. If you just decide that it's not worth fighting about, then you're all good!
  • Wandered down to the harbour front to check out the fireworks at Ontario Place. We got a sweet seat right on the pier, with our legs dangling over the water, happened to be in hearing distance of the Martha Wainwright concert, which was awesome (love Martha Wainwright), and had a great view of the fireworks. It was the perfect night for it. And we got home at a reasonable hour (unlike friends who were on Hanlan's Point to watch the fireworks, and didn't get home until 1:00). Next year, though, I'm all about the BBQ and bonfire on Hanlan's. It sounded like a lot of fun.
On Wednesday, we met with our minister to plan the wedding ceremony, which was nice. He's a great guy, and he's really good at making you think about the wedding and everything that goes into it the right way. I'm looking forward to it. Hayley and I went bridesmaid dress shopping yesterday, and we think we might have found the right one. We're just waiting for the right size to be shipped in, and that should be that. One afternoon at Yorkdale, and we're done! Just my style. Today is a trip to IKEA and Concord, ON, to purchase some furniture and a TV. Yes, shocker of shockers, we're getting cable. We haven't had it since we both lived at home, which was last in August 2006, but it's time. I miss Sarah Richardson, the Food Network, and lunchtime reruns of What Not to Wear. The cable wo/man is coming tomorrow. Woot!

Found out that another person in my department, one who started on the same day as me, (and this I had no idea about), is also going to grad school in the fall! And for what? English! Man, craziness. So we might, if her schedule permits, be splitting a job. Works for me! But that was pretty crazy when she told me. Kinda cool, though. As my poor boss says (we're driving her crazy...she used to worry about everyone getting pregnant, but now it's going back to school), we'll have the best educated department in the company. I hope it works out for my co-worker, but we'll have to wait and see, as she doesn't get her course info for awhile yet. Nice that we'll have a common experience next year, though.