Saturday, July 19, 2008

Goings on of the Weekend

  • Thursday night: The Dark Knight. Fabulous film, although I need to see it again when it is a) on IMAX and b) not the middle of the night.
  • Friday afternoon: unsuccessful bridesmaid dress shopping/ semi-successful wedding makeup shopping. I heart Sephora.
  • Friday evening: Mamma Mia! So adorable. Especially my Colin's gayness, and Pierce Brosan's hairy chest and over emoting. And who doesn't love Meryl Streep?
  • Saturday morning: errands with Mom, including ordering the flowers for the wedding (check!) and picking up my shoes from getting dyed (check!)
  • Saturday afternoon: having my very first pedicure. Can you believe it? 26, and I was still a pedicure virgin. My toes are very pretty now. Thanks to the hubby's mum for that, as she gave me a gift certificate for Christmas which I hadn't used yet.
  • Saturday evening: Nada. The hubby is helping to host a fundraiser for a charity that he's on the board of directors for, so he'll be out until later. My big plan is to cook a nice dinner for myself (very Nigella), and then watch TV/online shop for a new wallet, which I am in serious need of. And early to bed, as I'm currently up to 9 hours of sleep in 2 nights, which I think I can definitely improve upon.
  • Sunday: wedding shower, part deux. This one is hosted by the hubby's side of the family, although quite a few of my family members are coming as well. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  • Sunday evening: perhaps a trip to Longo's? There is one at York Mills and Leslie, which isn't THAT far from us, so I think I might just have to suck it up for the sake of amazing groceries. I'll be happy when the one near Union opens, though.
And that's my weekend. Lots of wedding stuff, lots of movies, and some relaxation. As I said to my mom this morning, I can't wait until the Friday after the wedding, as that's the first day that I'm going to be able to do absolutely NOTHING (If you're wondering why not until Friday, Sunday: brunch/pack, Monday: fly to Florida, Tuesday & Wednesday: Disney, Thursday: drive from Orlando to Sarasota). Much looking forward to the relaxation.