Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lazy Girls' Weekend

Something that I love doing, but I don't get a chance very often, is spend a girl's weekend at my aunts' house. They live near Peterborough, out in the country, and their house is relaxation central. They're great cooks (one is an amazing cook, the other a great baker), they have a beautiful house and piece of land (2 acres, a combination of lawn, garden and forest), and there are so many rooms in their house just made for relaxing. I love their sunroom; it has floor to ceiling windows and two skylights, which makes sitting there to read somewhat like sitting in the middle of a forest, only more sheltered. I had a pretty fabulous nap in there on Saturday afternoon, and spent some time watching the thunderstorms that happened on and off all day. I read three books, ate some great meals (and got a great recipe for a slimmed down version of that gooey asiago and artichoke dip that every restaurant seems to have now), and caught up on about a year's worth of missed sleep. One of the best things about girls' weekend is the change to be with the girls, so we all sat around yakking and drinking wine half the time, which was really nice. We also got to have a surrogate dog for the weekend, Ruby the King Charles Spaniel, a.k.a. Ruby the Booby, Ruby Tuesday, Boo Boo, Princess, etc. . She is adorabe, as you can see, and such a sweetheart.
All in all, it was a lovely and immensely relaxing weekend, and a good start to the run up to the wedding/school craziness that is coming up. Things are pretty organized though, and I'm getting excited. Less than a month away!