Tuesday, August 19, 2008

T-3 Days

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I feel pretty prepared on that front, now. And if not, everyone else will just have to take care of it.

Anything that isn't done yet for the wedding has a plan; everyone seems to know what they're doing, and I'm comfortable on that front.

Last few errands/appointments in the next couple of days, and then it's off to Mom & Dad's.

Almost time to get hitched. Wish us luck!


Jacky ink said...

Best Wishes to you both. Have an awesome day. Remember its not about the day, its every day that comes after.

Marilyn said...

Best Wishes and Happiness Always!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day! I'm so happy for you and Hubby!
xoxoxo <3 Mar
"And so begins the rest of your life!"