Thursday, August 21, 2008

T-2 Days

Apartment is tidy, bags are in the process of being packed, and it's off to Mom & Dad's for the next two nights. Tomorrow is making the bouquets, lunch with Mom & Hayley, manicures & pedicures in the afternoon, and the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in the evening.

Saturday's order of events are getting hair done, doing makeup, having a nap/chillout (without destroying either hair or makeup), driving to the church, a few photos, ceremony, more photos, and then party time! Can't wait--for a lot of things: to wear my dress, to get beautified, to see everyone on such a fun and exciting day, to be married at last, to eat and drink and be much to be excited about.

Sunday is a family brunch to open presents and yak about the wedding, then home to pack & sleep before leaving for our honeymoon on Monday morning. And then relaxation galore!

The hubby will be home soon with photos from our ring workshop, so you might get another post from me about that before the wedding, and probably another on Sunday afternoon with the post-mortem. But if I'm too busy and to happy to get on here, have a great week, and I'll see you on the 3rd!


Rhianon said...

Wedding was fabulous! Cant wait to see you guys next weekend! When you get home and get a chance check out my new blog... :) <3 Mar

Rhianon said...