Monday, September 29, 2008

Things currently not exciting me:

  • Office space or lack thereof. My home office consists of a desk in my living room. At the moment, the hubby is watching Chuck; our television is directly behind me, and I'm trying to work on my SSHRC proposal. Either we need a house with a dedicated office, or I need some really good noise cancelling headphones. Right now, I'm making do with Amnesiac and some marshmallowy earbuds. Not awful, but certainly not great.
  • SSHRCs or lack thereof. Grant = quitting my job = buying a house = getting a dog & living in urban splendor for years to come. Pressure, much? That, compounded with the fact that my brain is still not up to full academic par, and I'm not so excited about getting shot down again, if that is indeed what will happen. I'm giving it my best go, though. Just wish my cranium would cooperate.
  • The internet. Not that I don't love it, 'cause I do (witness the blogging), but it makes procrastinating waaaay too easy. Die, Facebook, die. And on that note, I'm ending this excuse-for-procrastinating blog post, and getting back to my SSHRC. Which will not suck. Keep telling yourself that, Mel....