Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Love with Productivity

Today I have:

  • written my CV for my blanket applications (for eligibility to get teaching assistantships)
  • learned the philosophical justification behind the European colonization of the New World. It all has to do with the concept of terra nullius--fascinating! I'm working on a paper about the politics of naming and renaming land, and the hubby got me on the right track with thinking about how the Europeans would have felt like or legally had the right to rename places that the Natives had already named.
  • approached a professor supervise a directed reading course in editorial theory as related to editing Canadian modernist texts
  • found out that for one of my two classes this week, I don't have to do or bring anything but some ideas for my term paper
  • discovered what may be the best library at York for quiet and pretty studying: Frost @ Glendon; what a lovely place. Very much reminds me of the little library at Kings. And right now, I'm sitting by a big window, looking out at a lovely old house, a pond, some trees, and snow. What's under the snow is Glendon's famour rose garden, which is currently hibernating. How can you not be productive in a space like this? And it's only 20 minutes from home, versus an hour for York's main campus. I'd like to vote for all graduate programs in the Arts at York to be transferred to Glendon. After seven years in university, I think I've worked hard for some atmosphere.

Tonight is a picket party as our last hurrah before we head back to class, then meetings most of the day tomorrow. The fun of being a grad student never stops--even on weekends.