Monday, January 19, 2009

A Time-Honoured Tradition: Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving is a time-honoured tradition among home decor afficionados. The OED (yes, the Oxford English Dictionary, dictionary of all dictionaries) defines it as: "The practice of searching through a rubbish container (esp. a dumpster or skip) for food, items of value, etc." (As a sidebar, aren't you impressed that I have the OED on speed dial? One of the few remaining advantages of attending York.) In Toronto, these "items of value" are often scavenging from the "I'm leaving this on the curb for all and sundry to pillage and make us of" pile. In my case, the dumpster is the "I'm moving out and I don't want this anymore" section of our downstairs entrance, near the mall-level elevators. Last time I snagged something good, it was a perfectly functional high-end sewing machine (sweet, I know!). This time?

A solid cherry double-pedestal two-leaf oval dining table.

Like, come on! Score of scores! Especially since, as you may recall, I'm currently using our former dining room table as a desk, and was in the market for either a table, or a new desk. Table it is! And it's so pretty. It'll need to be refinished eventually, as the top is a bit scratched up, but it's obviously very good quality. And again, so pretty! Mom is jealous.


Mariecel said...

Wow! That table is gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

What are you doing with your old table???????? need to get rid of it???

Melissa said...

Thanks! I'm keeping my old table. If you can picture it, Mar, I've moved the two bookshelves from the corner of the living room into the bedroom, gotten rid of the old desk, and am now using our old table as a huge desk. It's fanstastic!