Monday, January 19, 2009

Socialness & Sociability

So this week has turned into social planning extravaganza. See, now I can't remain in my strike coma, 'cause I got tings to do, mama! Now planned:

  • Partay tomorrow night. If the rat is voted down, we celebrate. If it's not, we drown our sorrows. Either way, Katie will be drunkenly crashing on our air mattress.
  • Dress shopping with Hayley. Apparently office post-holiday bash requires a new dress up dress, even though it's at a dive bar. Kooky but cute. Shall be somewhat frustrating, as she has very particular taste, but an amazing body that looks good in everything, and so in my opinion, some of her rejects are unfounded. Oh, well. Good excuse to go shopping with someone else's money!
  • B-day party for Mackenzie on Friday night. Can't believe she's turning 9! I got the news of her birth at my first part time job; oh, the nostalgia. And we get to hang out with Boda the Superdog (a.k.a. the 70 lb St. Bernard puppy). The puppy obsessed hubby is thrilled.
  • Two--count 'em, two--parties on Saturday night. One for Tamara, a law school friend of the hubby's, and the other for two girls who I don't know, one of whom is my friend Margo's roomie. Great excuse to have a house party, M. And I'll get to check out the new AGO as I go by, which will hopefully persuade me to brave the crowds and check it out.
  • Dinner with Eilbra. Finally! Last outing got cancelled by a snowstorm, so she's finally going to come hang out Chez Us. And eat at our brand spanking new (to us) dumpter-dove dining room table (pics to follow). I rock.
  • Winterlicious! We're going to Amaya (upscale Indian) and Auberge du Pommier (Swanky McSwankerson French cuisine). Yum-o. And we couldn't afford it if it wasn't for Winterlicious. Toronto rocks. Speaking of things that rock, my fave expression is above. Highly adaptable; e.g. Snooty McSnooterson, &c.
  • Jen & Mike cottage weekend. Snowshoeing, watching movies, being our normal nutty selves, eating cookies, playing random board games, being jealous of Mike's guitar skillz...good times!
  • Shelagh & Lynda Cavan weekend? Not 100% sure yet, but will be much like the cottage, but with more cousins.
  • Tea at C5, the new restaurant at the ROM, in the Crystal. The hubby is going to Florida for the Blue Jays' spring training (this is what happens when you live in a family of sports nuts who have lots of Airmiles and a place in Florida), so Mom & I are planning girly things to do. What's more girly than high tea? Mmmm....white flour, sugar, butterfat and caffeine. Good times for the taste buds, bad times for the diet.
I don't think I've had this many plans since immediately before the wedding. The Fates have conspired to make me realize how much I want to stay in Toronto, York wankers aside. Thanks, ladies!