Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's Activities

  • picketing
  • getting hailed on
  • eating cold burrito
  • transiting it home
  • groceries
  • nothing (a.k.a picketing coma)
  • nothing (a.k.a. picketing coma & getting pissed off about said coma)
  • nothing (more of the same)
  • getting upset
  • getting more upset
  • getting really really upset
  • freaking out the poor hubby when he gets home
  • crying
  • throwing things (forcefully in the trash, not at anyone)
  • cursing
  • more crying
  • even more crying
  • resolving to do something drastic to get out of this spiral of ridiculousness that is hating York & our apartment & hence my life
  • rearranging the furniture in the apartment, which is a dual purpose activity, as it makes me hate the apartment less, and gives me a better place to work (my desk has now become our dining room table, and our dining room table has now become my desk) so that I can at least hate York & get good grades [one of my BIGGEST beefs about York is the lack of study space. Do I have an office? No. Do I have a study carrel? No. Do I have a desk in the library that I can leave for two minutes without worrying that my computer is going to get stolen? No.]
  • emailing my Dalhousie supervisor to get feedback about possible change of schools (if it gets to that point)/creating a plan to make York work for me
  • responding to lovely response from my supervisor
  • going to bed exhausted


Mar said...

aww Mel :) *hugs* you'll sort it out!