Thursday, March 19, 2009

Exciting Happenings

  • I've been given the opportunity to help edit a book with a professor at the Sorbonne (prestigious, I know!). I'm lucky to have great friends who think of me when opportunities like this come up. The person I will be working for teaches Commonwealth literature, so hopefully, as a Canadianist, I can be useful to her. The position starts in the fall, and also means more income next year that I thought!
  • I've also hooked myself up with another research assistant's job for the summer, coding Shakespeare for online use. Remember that TEI project I was working on during my Master's degree? Well, this Shakespeare is the next evolution of what TEI is trying to do; from what I've learned and seen, it looks more useful and less code-heavy than TEI. I still miss all of the programming that I did at my publishing job, so this will be a fun project for the summer. Again, very lucky to have friends who put me in touch with the right people, as my friend Sonia took me out for lunch and I got a job out of it.
  • Big birthday bash planned for April 17. Yes, I know that my birthday is on the 7th, but that happens to be really close to Easter this year, and so we pushed it back a bit. Eilbra and I are co-hosting a party at The Drake Hotel; I know that 27 isn't exactly a major birthday milestone, but we never need an excuse to get people together. Now to figure out what to wear...
  • Tomorrow is the first day of spring! So excited.


Anonymous said...

For the party, wear something you don't mind throwing up in and something that looks good rolling on the floor while you hallucinate about giant white things... and I speak from experience. :D LOL Signed "X"

Melissa said...

Dear X:

Of what are you speaking? I have no recollection of an evening involving Jagermeister and spaghetti. Oh didn't mention Jagermeister and spaghetti. Ummm.........