Sunday, March 15, 2009


A spring in my step, spring in the air. What I'm enjoying and cannot wait to have become more permanent (5-ish days until it becomes official):

  • warm air: 10 degrees today, 12 on Tuesday
  • sunlight! The sun didn't set tonight until almost 7:30. Daylight savings time is wretched to go through, but the benefits are immediately perceptible and hugely enjoyable
  • green: everything is brown, grey, yellow. I want green green green--acid, neon, psychedelic chartreuse new leaf green
  • my bike: Easter weekend always meant a bike tune up by my dad and my first bike ride of the season as a kid. This year, it means two new tires, a tune up, and a trip into the city where I'll use it as much as I can
  • my birthday: I turn 27 next month, and as I find that I'm actually really enjoying the process of getting older, I'm excited to celebrate another one. And I get to be the same age as the hubby for a couple of months, which I find amusing for some inscrutable reason. This is the kind of being amused that I mock the hubby for (he gets excited by odd things like new computer batteries), but I can deal with that
  • gardening: my little patio garden has been looking sad and dead all winter, but it will soon be time to buy some new seedlings and grow more tomatoes, chili peppers and herbs. And who knows--maybe I'll get to plant something in the ground this year, at our new house, fingers crossed
  • Birkenstocks: I'm a Blundstone/Birkenstock addict--Blundies all winter, Birks all summer. I love my Birks, and I miss wearing them, so I always throw them on as soon as I can risk it without getting frostbitten toes. If you're one of those people who enjoys a Carrie Bradshaw-like relationship with shoes, I apologize. Heels are for masochists--give me comfortable shoes (even if you think they're ugly) any day
Fall is my favourite season, but in March, give me spring! We're just at that time of year where our fed-upedness with winter actually gets gratified with some hints of spring that keep us from despairing that it will never come. It happens every year, but it never gets old. I love looking forward to spring almost as much I love the season itself.


Mariecel said...

I can't wait for spring either! I love walking through the forests of Berlin at this time of year.

J's (mine, not yours =P) bday is before mine, so instead of us being the same age for couple of months (which would be impossible anyway), I tease him for being that extra "year" older than me. He's such an old man =P

Melissa said...

Trees are my favourite thing about spring. That's one reason that house-hunting in the winter is difficult--it's hard to picture what a neighbourhood is really like when the trees are all leafless.