Monday, March 09, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Middling

The Good:

  • Innovations at the Four Seasons Centre--contemporary Canadian ballet rocks. Emergence was particularly good: grotesque and gorgeous, with a score that sounded like a cross between IDM and nature recordings. And because of the two contemporary lit classes that I took last term, I actually understood the theory behind it, which made me enjoy it more. Therefore, I take back my previous comment about finding contemporary art silly. Yes, it annoys me that striving to acknowledge the plurality and relativity of meaning in everything can tend to make everything somewhat meaningless, but I can deal with it.
  • A date with Rhianon & DaemonQ. They came into the city for dinner and a movie, and it was great to see them as ususal. We just saw them a couple of weeks ago, but we're good about seeing each other frequently, so it seemed like awhile. Of course, they got soaked in the freak rainstorm we had, which was not the best start to the evening, but dinner was good enough to make up for it, I hope.
  • One of the most perfectly balanced weekends we've had in awhile. We had grocery shopping time, working time, friend time, alone time, outside time, chilling time, looking-at-houses was loverly.
  • 44 Old Mill Terrace--one of the two houses that we went to see yesterday. It was gorgeous! A bit big for us (4 bedrooms), tons of stairs, and no backyard to speak of (it's a townhouse), but I fell in love with the light (windows everywhere, and there's a skylight on the top floor). After location and maintenance issues, light is the number one consideration for me in a house. Paint colours, I can change. Bad floors, I can change. But light? If I don't live in a place that gets enough (a.k.a our apartment in Halifax, and to some extent our apartment now), I'm a very unhappy camper. This place was drenched, even in the middle of winter, which can only bode well. However, we're not seriously looking right now, and we haven't been pre-approved for a mortgage yet, so no house for us yet. But maybe it'll still be on the market when we are looking for real. And if not, there are so many houses in the city that I could love, I don't think it'll be a problem.
The Bad:
  • The Watchmen: don't see it unless you've got an ass made of iron. God, the thing was bloody long! At least with Benjamin Button, I was so engrossed that I didn't notice that much. This one was torture. We got to a point where I think the whole audience thought it was about to be over, and when it wasn't, there were audible groans from the crowd. People got up to leave a split-second after the final scene ended. Yow. It was somewhat interesting, but not that interesting. And there was too much big blue full-frontal nudity for me. Malin Akerman is hot, though.
  • The service at Hot House Cafe. We got there at 6:15; Rhianon & DaemonQ showed up at about 6:40. We barely made our 8:00 movie. Dude! Does it need to take you 45 minutes to bring our our pasta? I think we'll go back to takeout.
  • 507 Beresford Rd.--the first house we went to see yesterday. The floors were warped and creaky (ridiculously warped. The top floor must have sunk a good three inches from corners to centre), there wasn't a shower in the main bath (there wasn't a shower in the main bath???? I still can't get over this), the four rooms on the top floor had four different floors, and the only shower in the house was in the basement, which you had to get to by stairs that had treads about three inches deep (a.k.a. walking down sideways every morning). Oh, and the fact that the ceilings in the basement were about 5 feet, so the hubby couldn't have stood up in the shower had he wanted to. Neither could I, actually. Ridiculous! And the amount of money they wanted for it? That's Toronto for you. Thank god we don't live in New York.
  • If I don't bloody well sleep properly sometime in the next week, I'm going to kill someone. I haven't slept well in at least 10 days, and I'm going a bit nuts. I'm essentially subsisting on caffeine and hoping that I'm not being so grouchy that the hubby feels the need to escape. Can't figure out what's going on, but I'm going to have to soon, or else I'm going to start hallucinating from lack of rest.
The Middling:
  • I have a birthday coming up, but I can't figure out what to do. So, excited to be having a birthday, but stressing out about what venue to have it at. Will do some thinking and asking for advice. If you've got any, leave it in the comments.
  • I really don't want to edit the paper I've got due today, but I have to. Come on, will power!