Friday, June 05, 2009

Some things change, some things stay the same

My life has been going through a lot of upheaval lately, but I think that I'm now in a position to steady myself a bit and start moving forward. The hubby and I have decided that we're better off not married (at least to each other), so we're working through getting that sorted out. He will always be someone who is very dear to me, and I'm so happy that we're able to end our marriage in a respectful and kind way. I'd like to think that we can come out of this as friends; after all, that's how we started our relationship as well.

I'm back living with my parents for awhile, and my sister and I are looking for an apartment together. Hayley might be a slob, but I love her to death, and I think we'll do very well living together. After all, we've done it for twenty-odd years already. We found an amazing place on Craigslist (so amazing that it seems much too good to be true), but we'll see what happens. There are so many options in a city the size of Toronto, I know we'll find somewhere amazing. And renting is a great way to live in neighbourhoods that you could never afford to buy in!

On the school front, not much has changed. I'm working on getting my final grades in for my students, and then I've got a presentation to give on Wednesday, and a paper due a couple of weeks from now. The commute to school from my parents' place is actually much shorter than it was from the apartment, so that's a bonus, although it is a bit more expensive. I'm quite looking forward to my summer class, which starts on Monday; after the trauma of taking two contemporary classes first term, I feel quite confident with the area now. And I get to write about people whose writing I love, which is always a treat.

So, as life always goes, some things change, and some things stay the same. I'm happy to have enough continuity to steady me, and as always, I love the potential for change and growth that happens when something major in my life shifts, as it has done so many times before. Who knows where life will take me next? I sure don't, and that's an exciting feeling.