Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mintz: My dinner with Sarah Polley

Nav and I were having a bit of a blog debate about the merits of Corey Mintz, the Toronto Star food columnist who took over while Amy Pataki was on maternity leave. Nav likes him; I wanted Amy back. Well, Amy is back now, and Corey is doing this. And this, I like:

Mintz: My dinner with Sarah Polley -

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Nav said...

Well, I dunno' who this Nav guy is, but he sounds like the sort of person who's always right. You should listen to him.

Yeah, I liked Corey's review - I just found him funny, which I love. There's something about the mixture of smart professionalism and humour that I love (and, it might be obvious, is something I aim for myself.) I do understand why you might want someone with more gravitas, though. I was also actually worried that people would like Mintz so much, Pataki might lose her job! Phew.

But yeah, this new thing is great. And he lived with Sarah Polley? So weird how success always seem connected. One of my fave bloggers was room-mates with Chuck Klosterman. Why don't I know anyone famous?

Melissa said...

I should introduce you to him sometime. You'd like him, except for the fact that he shows up late for social events that he plans, and talks to me more via blog than he does in person. ;)

I did like Corey's more recent reviews a lot. My problem with him at the beginning wasn't gravitas (I love his sense of humour)--it was the fact that as a food writer, he was better at the food part than the writing part. He certainly knows his stuff; he just had to learn how to communicate it. I'm glad that they're keeping him on--now we get both of them!

I have no famous friends, unless you count Hubert the Cat. Clearly, I'm not that successful. I can play six degrees with Colin Firth--he's a friend's friend's stepdad--but that's about it. You're not doing too badly in the getting-your-name-out-there business, though. Perhaps your famous roommate days are still to come?