Friday, October 16, 2009

Gah! Sigh... Okay.

Gah!: I spent the day yesterday having meetings about my students' first paper and journal stuff, and in between meetings, I did some serious work on my SSHRC, as I had finished the reading I needed to do and was incorporating it into my proposal. The end of the day comes, I save it, email it to myself, and prepare to work on it at home. Get home, open the file--it's an old version. Somehow, my revised version didn't get attached to the email. Come to school in the morning, log onto the computer in my office (which is shite, by the way)--no new version. Somehow, revisions didn't save, and I have to start again. I'm blaming it on the computer, although it was probably somehow my fault.

Sigh...: At least I'm big on drafting on paper--all of my notes, brainstorming, preliminary paragraphs are in my Moleskine. Thank goodness. I'm not stuck in Humpty Dumpty land--it can be put back together again. And at least I've got time.

Okay: So having to rewrite is a good thing. I can't write anything well first time around, and rewriting means that it's turning out better than it did the first time--sharper, better organized, and more articulate. Disaster turns into an advantage.

Still--anyone up for a bottle of wine tonight? I could sure use it.


Nav said...

Dude, Dropbox is your new best friend. It's really really great - and I and four other Yorkies are using it to share music. Good music! Like J Tillman.

Melissa said...

I'll check it out--when I'm done being a basket case. Thanks, *dude.*

Melissa said...

Nav, you're totally right. I've got a laptop and a netbook, and I also use the computers in the grad office & our office--and it gets messy. (Like today; finished editing my SSHRC on my laptop, in the office, and then had to transfer to a USB to print it. Pain in the ass.) Gonna try it out. Thanks for the suggestion!