Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The End of An Era

HNM is closing. For those of you who went to high school with me, or who live in Mississauga, you know what I mean. Our beloved all-girls, taking names and kicking butt, high school has been taken over by St. Michael's College (which I can't insult, as it's the hubby's alma mater) and will now be a private school charging $14, 000 a year in tuition.

Yes, I'm sad. Girls will no longer be able to have the amazing education, boy-less, that we had, for free. But really, ladies. It was a privilege, not a right. DPCDSB doesn't want to pay the lease, the nuns can't afford to sell it outright, and so what are they going to do? HNM will still be there, and I know from personal experience that St. Mike's offers generous scholarships to those who otherwise couldn't afford to attend, so the new Holy Name of Mary College School isn't going to be as exclusive as you think.

According to The Star, they're considering moving HNM to the Streetsville holding site on Mississauga Rd. where I did all of my practica when St. Albert was there. That's a good option. And apparently they're not moving it to the old Loyola site anymore, which is great, considering that the Loyola area apparently has the second highest rate of calls to the police of any area in the city.

As much as I believe in the power of protest, I really don't think that it's going to work this time. For one, St. Mike's has already sealed the deal; for another, DPCDSB just can't afford to keep HNM running if they have to pay the lease. They're not exactly known for their great budgeting, which is why their finances are currently being overseen by the province, hence the reason that they're not holding on to HNM (which, incidentally, has been in the works for at least three years and so isn't exactly a surprise). So yes, I'm mad, but that's life. Things change, and in twenty-five years when I have a daughter who is ready for high-school, hopefully there will be somewhere like HNM for her to go to. And if I have to pay for it, so be it.